Terms of Service

Terms and Legal Agreement that bring piece of mind!

Please read carefully all the important information, legal terms and other useful information about our Fast, Secure and Stable Web Hosting Service!

Resource Usage

By purchasing a Web Hosting Product or Service our customers are receiving exclusive access to our Web Hosting Network of servers thanks to a unit called Web Hosting Account. Some of the Products and Services that BoostedHost offer are putting multiple customers’ Web Hosting account(s) on the same physical or virtual machine (typically Shared Hosting type of service).

By purchasing our services and upon agreeing with our Terms Of Service prior to the purchase, the customer agrees and acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to utilize and distribute the provided by the Web Hosting Service hardware resources.

Every Web Hosting package poses a complete list of the hardware limitations it has. Exceeding these limitations or utilizing those on 100% for an extended period of time will be considered as a violation of our Resource Usage policy due to the negative impact such behavior has over the other customers sharing the same physical server.

Resource Availability

By design, our Shared Web Hosting plans do not provide Dedicated Resources. As Dedicated Resource our customers should consider any portion of the Server’s hardware Resources specific for the used Web Hosting plan and defined prior to the purchase of the Web Hosting plan on the Product pages of our website. A hardware resource is a whole or part of physical computer components such as but not limited to CPU, RAM and Disk Space.

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) type of services provides dedicated resources to our customers by design. However, due to the official technical specification of that Service, the hardware resource of the physical server(s) are shared among the created VPS containers. Therefore, the VPS service is still competing with other VPS services hosted on the same hardware server or cloud.

The Dedicated Servers are a type of service that 100% provide dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU and Disk space to the clients. Due to the nature of the service, our customers may expect full and unconditional access to the hardware resources of the server at each point in time.

The customer agrees that the usage of our Web Hosting Plans should not exceed the assigned quotas for resources like RAM, CPU and Disk Space. Further information, limits, and restrictions of the service can be found below in this document.

CPU & RAM Usage

Resources such as CPU and RAM are the main workforce of a typical Web Hosting Server. As such it is of extreme importance BoostedHost to maintain these resources in quantity and quality suitable for all customers utilizing our services.

The CPU resources is mattered on % base while the RAM resources are mattered in standard metrics for the size of digital files (MB, GB, TB, etc.). The metrics are provided for our customers in the cPanel control panel service that is supplied with each Web Hosting Package we offer. In case of unavailability for resource usage statistics, our customers can request a complete breakdown of the used resources for a certain period of time.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that for our Shared Web Hosting products the resource utilization cannot exceed the values specified as limits for the Web Hosting plan prior purchase. Furthermore, a Shared Web Hosting account is limited to use all the provided resources for not more than 80% of any given hour.

The customer is responsible for the maintenance of the resource usage of their web hosting accounts in such a manner that the used resources will not affect other customers situated on the same server or the overall health of the Shared Web Hosting environment.

VPS and Dedicated Servers customers are not limited in the usage of the resources assigned for their service. The only limitation is the one listed on our product pages and available for review prior purchase.

Disk Space Usage

Each Web Hosting plan is limited in the amount of disk space it can use. The allocation of disk space to the Web Hosting Services and the representation of that information for each Web Hosting Package prior to purchase is the sole responsibility of BoostedHost.

BoostedHost reserves the right to update, change or completely remove the Disk Space resource information from the offered Web Hosting packages.

The customer acknowledges that the Disk Space resource is provided only for the purpose of the Web Hosting service. The Disk Space resource provided by BoostedHost must be used only for hosting purposes meaning to make certain data available over the World Wide Web and not to be used with storage purposes.

The customer acknowledges that the storage of the following files is prohibited by the Resource Usage Terms of Service Agreement:

  • Large count or size of uncompressed digital images.
  • Large count or size of uncompressed Audio/Video files.
  • Backups of any type for resources located or not on the Web Hosting Account.

BoostedHost reserves the right to remove, modify or temporarily suspend resources involved in a violation of the Resource Usage Terms of Service agreement.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that they cannot utilize a larger amount of Disk space than similarly situated customers. Failure of compliance with this term will cause degradation of the global performance of the server respectively affecting:

  • The other customers located on the same server.
  • The regularity and consistency of the provided backup service.
  • The global I/O operations on the server.

As an Inode BoostedHost will define a data structure on the file system used to keep information about a file or a folder. The number of Inodes indicates the number of files and folders an account has.

Bandwidth Usage

BoostedHost defines the term Bandwidth Usage as the amount of data transferred between our server and the visitors of our clients’ websites or the size of files transmitted over the HTTP or FTP protocols. The Bandwidth is metered in MB (Megabyte), GB (Gigabyte) and the rest of the standard measurements of digital assets’ size.

The customers acknowledge that the terms “unmetered” and “unlimited” are used to define the amount of Bandwidth usage that is not constant. The amount of Bandwidth considered in compliance with our Resource Usage Terms of Service is defined by the industry standards or the average bandwidth usage of other customers hosted on the same web hosting server.

For services with fixed bandwidth defined on their product pages on our websites, the Bandwidth usage cannot exceed the specified number. Additional Bandwidth for such services is available as a separate additional purchase.

Mail Usage

BoostedHost provides email service as a complimentary service to all our Web Hosting Plans. Meaning that the service in no case main sale point for any of our Web Hosting Packages. As such the Mail Service is limited in order for a sustainable web hosting environment to be maintained across all our Products. The limitations are as follows:

  • Email Accounts Disk Space – Each Web Hosting account can create a certain or unlimited amount of email accounts on per domain/subdomain basis. Under no circumstances, the Email account disk space quota should exceed 500 MB on our Shared Web Hosting plans. For our VPS or Dedicated Servers web hosting products, there is no limitation.
  • Emails Sent Per Hour – Each Email account is limited in the number of emails that can be sent per hour no matter if the emails are deferred or delivered successfully. The total amount of emails sent per hour should not exceed 400 emails for our Shared Web Hosting plans. For our VPS or Dedicated Servers web hosting products, such limitation does not apply.
  • Simultaneous IMAP/POP3 connections – To check the emails via a local email client or a mobile device a single connection is initiated per email account per user. The simultaneous checking of email accounts by multiple users no matter for one or multiple email accounts will spawn multiple simultaneously executed processes. Our Shared Hosting customers are limited to use up to 10 simultaneous connections at any given point of time. Our VPS and Dedicated Server customers are not under such limitations.
  • Bulk Emails – We do allow the sending of emails in bulk as long as the amount of sent emails does not exceed the limit per hour for the utilized web hosting service.
  • Spam Emails – BoostedHost does not allow the sending of spam messages on all our Web Hosting Services.
  • Marketing Emails/Newsletter – BoostedHost does not allow the sending of Marketing related emails, Newsletters or bulk emails with advertising purposes.

BoostedHost utilizes certain policies against email-related violations of our Resource Usage Terms of Service. What our customers may expect in case their web hosting account violates any of the aforementioned Email limitations is a temporary suspension of the email service only for the email account that is violating. Meaning that the email service for the Web Hosting Account will remain active. Any emails sent to and from suspended email accounts will be deferred, thus reaching their recipient will be impossible.

BoostedHost reserves the right to take more drastic measures in case the User Account is being breached or in case defaced websites are used as a source of spam emails. Typically we may or may not suspend the entire web hosting account depending on the severity of the Email violation.

MySQL Database & PostgreSQL Usage

The type of hardware components we have picked for our Web Hosting Services allows for the placement of the MySQL service on high-speed, industry-standard, native SSD drives for optimal database performance and reduced query execution time.

The customer agrees that all databases utilized on a Shared Web Hosting account are subject to limitations due to the technical specification of the provided service. The limits BoostedHost applies for the databases on our Shared Web Hosting plans are as it follows:

  • A database cannot exceed the size of 300 MB or any other limit specified for the Web Hosting Product on our product pages available prior to purchase.
  • Every query should be executed for less than 1 second else it will be considered as Slow Query. Slow queries per database cannot exceed 1% of all the slow logged queries for the entire server.

Our VPS and Dedicated Servers customers are no subject of these limitations since any violations on the aforementioned resource limits will affect no other customers.